Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Tongan Poem!


My tongan pride, I will not to hide,
We stand by each other as family, till we the day we die.

Traditional clothing is what we wear,
To honour the tongans with no fear.

A ta’ovala is what we wear, To funerals and birthdays,
Remember if you have one you don’t wear it always.

The Tongan flag, stands higher than the rest,
cause everyone knows tongans are truly the best.

Tongan blood flowing hot and true,
So step aside and let all the tongans through.

Sadly everyone dies, but if you're a tongan
You die with the Tongan pride.

In the Tongan culture Otai is a traditional drink,
Just drink and don’t think!


What are you proud of about your culture?
I am proud that i'm from tonga, I'm proud to eat the tradition food and to show how special our culture is.

What makes your culture special?
The tradition things such as food and clothings are special to me because it is our own tradition things and our culture is just so special.

Why is it important to embrace your culture?
It is very important to embrace the tongan culture to show who you really are and to let people know what culture you're from.

This is a poem that I worked on with my buddy Losana, We both come from the tongan culture and we both know tradition things such as tradition food, Tradition clothes and many more.

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