Friday, 4 November 2016

Bloom's Taxonomy!

WALT: use Bloom’s Taxonomy to critically summarize a current event.
SC: I can;
- identify key words in a news article.  
- use critical thinking skills to analyse a current event.
This is my current events, based on an article that was mainly about a 6 year old pageant queen, which meant she had won the beauty pageant. She was sadly killed on christmas 1996, in her own home. 20 years of researching and investigating, but still no killer found, only evidence. The evidence that they found was a lot but not enough to lock someone up!

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Jennifer said...

Hi Amelia

I really like the way how you were explaining about a poor little girl that was sadly murdered on christmas day. I think that you need to try and explain with more details.

Ana said...

Hi Amelia

I really like the way you chose this topic because I was reading this topic on wednesday.I think you should work on reading your work to check if there's any mistakes,And I think you should try to explain with more details

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