Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Celebrating me!

Celebrating me!

Today we learnt why it's important to celebrate me, We had to take a photo of of ourselves, Print it out, Stick on a A3 paper, Name as 5 keywords about you, Go around the class and write what you like about that person's personality.  

I am worthy to be celebrated so I know what people like about me, Know what I need to work on and no. Because I need to know what people think of me and why.

Classmates described my strengths as:
  • I am a kind and very smart
  • I am very smart and intelligent
  • Awesome at making friends
  • I am very funny
  • Very talented at running
  • Netball player
  • Very tall 
  • I always try my best
  • Rugby player
  • I like how you are a good friend
  • I am  a good sport player
  • Like that I'm your bestfriend - Ajani xo

I feel happy because I never knew that people would know so much about me and there comments were really awesome. 

Here is a photo of my poster:

Thank you for reading.

I hoped you enjoyed.

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