Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Science of food treats!

Science of food treats!

Today for our Tuesday afternoon, We had room 6 in our class for the rest of the day. My two buddies were Maryjane and Hope.T. We read a book called 'Science of food treats. 

In this book a food manufacturer opens their doors to reveal some of the secrets behind making these popular and yummy treats. You'll also learn the difference between natural and processed sugars, and how we can eat foods that satisfy our sweet tooth, but are healthy at the same time.

Food treats - We should always eat healthy foods, but sometimes we deserve a treat!

Hundreds and thousands science - Have you ever wondered how those tiny coloured balls are made?

Whipped cream science - Whipping cream for dessert is not only fun, it's science, too!

Science of dessert jelly - Dessert jellies are wobbly, delicious and the product of clever thinking.

Science of soft drinks - It's not the tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide in soft drinks you have to watch out for!

Good sugar or bad sugar? -  There are plenty of healthy foods that can give us all thee "good" sugar we need.

Crispy, chocolate chip cookie science - Make a delicious choc - nut chip cookie recipe. The best part of this scientific procedure is being able to eat the results.

Creative food chemistry - Some creative chefs combine their cooking and scientific skills to make fabulous fine food.


Everyone has a favourite food treat, 
But what's the science being making them? 

How does jelly set? 

How does whipped cream stay so fluffy? 

And how are tiny hundreds and thousands created?

My opinion on this book is..

That this was a book based on sugar, and children sweet treats. This book caught myself and my buddies attention based on the yummy photo's that were shown while reading this book. 

Here is a photo of my buddies.

Thank you for reading.

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I hoped you enjoy.


alyssa said...
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alyssa said...

sorry you tried your best but i don't know what to say it is like so cool looking what you mad in room 10 with your buddies good job amelia

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