Monday, 31 October 2016

Practice writing test!

My story is about the mystery forest, We have made stories about the photo's that our teacher has gave to us. This was a practice test because our real test was coming up so we kept practicing.

The mystery forest…

As I glanced to see what time it is my watch was gone, As I stood up to see where my friends were nobody was there, All I saw was a mystery forest with no sun shine to know where I’m going but a big dark shadowy place. I wondered where did all my friends disappeared too. Where is everybody? Where did they go? I Petra
was lonely by then and nobody was there. The forest was as scary as I thought there were spider webs every where and you couldn’t even  barely see anything. The trees looked like it was trying to tuck away.

I saw a very bright light which caught my attention I walked towards it with excitement wondering this is my way out of here. Once I took one step on the light a magical book appeared wondering where it came from….I opened the book then strange voices had got weirder and weirder it said “once you’ve opened this book you will never be able to get out of this land unless you’ve beaten and get rid of the creatures who own this land. I shutted the book and went for a walk around.  There was nothing but some creepy things that scared me of like skeletons, spiderwebs, scary statues and seriously many more.

I was so afraid to walk around but I still tried my best not to be afraid because I will never get out of this land. As I was walking someone screamed Ahhhhhhh! I ran towards the echoing sounds and there it was a big scary creature that looked so weird I was about to laugh, I didn’t laugh because he was trying to devour somebody up, Once he turned around I saw a little child it was a girl. I distracted the creature then I ran towards an grabbed the little girl by the hands and took off as fast as we could. Crazy creature constantly can't control!!!

We ran and ran until we caught a little cottage built in the trees. We opened the door and walked in we saw a comfy couch where we went and sat at and a little with fruits on top… I asked the little girl what her name was she said “Emma”. Where are you from Emma? She said I’m lost and I don’t where I’m from. I told her ‘Well if you are lost you could live with me but once we get out of this creepy place okay. She nods… I told her ‘Let’s have some rest before we go back out side okay. As I laid down it felt like I haven’t went through all these scary problems and it felt like I've just fainted and couldn’t get up.

When I woke up a bright sun shined through in my room and everything was clean. It looked just like my room, My room was clean and the Emma wasn’t there. I thought to myself this was just a silly dream of mines and that will never happen again. I walked out of the room went straight to the kitchen had a nice cup of milo and stayed safely ever after.

~The End~

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