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The Celebration?
(Pick your own or use the ones below)resent
Who celebrates?
The number in your group that celebrate this occasion
A tradition for all? Something all members of your group do at these celebrations

A tradition for some?
Something only one or two of your group does at these celebrations
The best part about this celebration?

In my group Amelia,Bruce,Falakiko and I celebrates a birthday.
Amelia:She likes to blow her cake and eat it all and she love sing happy birthday with her family.
Falakiko: He like to eat all of the cake even doe it's not my birthday.
Bruce:He likes to  eat cake,get presents eat and say a speech
Bruce,Amelia and October likes hanging out with there family and there friends as well.
Amelia: She likes to eat all of the nice food at her birthday party.
Falakiko: He likes to open all of his presents.
Bruce:He like his birthday because his friends always come over and and celebrate with him
In my group
October,Amelia,Falakiko and Bruce celebrate christmas
October: Design a christmas tree and buy presents to put under it.
Falakiko:Make a christmas tree,Buy presents to give and receive.

Falakiko and Bruce light off fireworks,Pray and go to church.
Falakiko: He likes getting presents.
October:Receiving presents.
Amelia: Opening presents and eating treats.
Bruce: Giving and receiving presents and also spending time with family.
New Year
In my group Bruce, Falakiko and october.
Falakiko & October: Go to restaurant and have a nice feed.
Bruce: Stays up all night till 12:00 then light up heaps of fireworks.

Falakiko: Say a love card to my family.
October: Hangs with families and friends.
Falakiko: Going to church praying and singing.
Bruce: Hanging out with my family and sleeping.
October: Going to a restaurant with my family.
White Sunday
In my group
Amelia:Wears a white dress and say a speech.
Bruce:By wearing all white and going Church.
Falakiko:By wearing all white too and going to church and pray.
Amelia:Going and have a nice feed and go to valentimes.
Falakiko:Praying to god to help my family.
Bruce:I go to church and have a festivities there.
Amelia:saying her speech and having a big feed after.
Bruce:Having a feed.
Falakiko:Going to church and having fun with my family.

WALT: answer these celebration questions.

This is a group task, This term our inquiry topic is about celebrations, So most of inquiry tasks is about inquiry. This is a table chart with questions that we have answered. In my group I had October, Bruce and falakiko.

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