Tuesday, 16 August 2016

International Olympics

International olympics
Doping causes a lot trouble.

Today for reading we have learned about how the olympic athletes are cheating by using drugs.
Here are my opinions of this reading task.

What is doping?

Doping is a drug, Drugs is a type of pills & liquid that will play your brain. It may or may not destroy your body, your body will feel changed, drugs will help you win something or do something.

What are the consequences of cheating at the olympics?

The consequences of cheating:
  • Getting disqualified
  • Medals/Achievements stripped off
  • May or May not get banned

How do athletes get caught cheating.

Before the athletes compete in the olympics they have to take a test whether or not they are cheating by using drugs. They have to take a blood or a pee test. After they take the test, the scientist’s will freeze their test in the laboratory. After they unfreeze the athletes test, it will either turn green or stay the same colour. If the colour turns green then that means that the athletes cheated by using drugs to make them stronger or faster.

What do you think? What leads athletes to cheat?

My opinion is that I think that the athletes cheat because they want to break the world record and also they want to be known for having great ability.The reason why they want to be known is because they want the world to talk about how they are very talented at the sports they love doing.I also think that they should try to get the drug test faster so that they don't have to strip their medal off or fail their test.
Determination to win can lead cheating.
I think that determination leads to cheating is not true because people like usain bolt, He always tries his best and comes first with our doping or using drugs, Even like valie adams, she always comes a place even if she doesn't cheat or use drugs.
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