Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Group work

My Group Article Review 

Bloom's Taxonomy current events 
WALT: Use bloom's taxonomy to critically summarize a current event.
The olympics

Our teacher Miss Aireen told the class to get into groups of 4. So Losana and I choose to work with Maui and Siale. We worked as a group and we all had 1 each slide which made our work faster to finish. To understand an article from the text you have to read read until you understand the meaning and the purpose of the article. Next time I will be working on how to to complete my work a little bit faster. I learnt that working together as a group helps you encourage your confidents.

Here is our photo's of our work and how we presented.

Article: Stink over rio's water.
First slide: Remembering
Remembering - Means remembering what happened in the text and who's in the text.
Second slide:Applying.
Applying - Means asking questions that was part of the article.
Third slide:Analyzing.
Analyzing - What are the key ideas in the text.
Fourth slide: Understanding
Understanding - means five key words from the text.
Fifth slide: Evaluating
Evaluating - Positives and Negatives in the text.
Sixth slide: Evaluating & Analyzing
Evaluating & Analyzing - Means your opinions and other people's opinions.
Seventh slide: Creating - (Poster.
Creating - Finding other links that relates to the article.

Here are the other photo's of us presenting.

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