Friday, 2 December 2016

6 Hats - Camp Raglan

6 Hats - Camp Raglan

 Today this is one of our camp task that we had to finish and this task is basically about the 6 hats, It's just questions that we have to answer and what we did there.

White hat:
Who is here?
All year 7&8 students from tamaki primary, Teachers, Parents.
Where are we?
We are at camp Raglan.
Why did we come here?
To bond more and to experience ourselves out there.
How did we get here?

Red hat:
How are you feeling now that you are finally here? Why?
I am feeling sad because at camp Raglan it was just so fun and a cool place to be. Can Mrs Aireen take us back please?

Black Hat:
What do we need to be careful of while we are here?
We need to take care of the camp property and the camp equipments.

Yellow Hat:
What are you most excited to try?
I am most excited to try the flying fox because it's fun to go on.

Green Hat:
What fears/ goals are you determined to overcome this camp? 
How do you think you will do this?
I want to achieve being more supportive by cheering people on and encouraging people to do there best and also doing the right things.

Blue Hat:
What is one personal goal you have for yourself during this camp?
Being confident because that is my goal that I have been trying to every year but it comes out the same way like being shy all the time.

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