Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Duffy assembly.

Today for assembly we had all our student councils to set the hall up like the chairs, projector and the microphones for the visitors. After morning tea we all had to attend at the hall for our duffy show, while we were waiting we had played a game with one of our teacher. A few minutes then our visitors had arrived, Tarshar had told us her grown up life at school and she has told us that she loves singing and mostly learning. She had sang us a song then the man that she had arrived with her got up and told a story he said that he looked at our tamaki folder and it said that most of our school likes dancing so he picked 3 teachers.

  • Mrs Barlow
  • Mrs Julianne
  • Mr M

They had danced and ended our they with that awesome dance. Thank you for coming to our school and having fun with us.

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