Friday, 20 November 2015


Alamein's Chant.

Tiger (roar) x2
Buffalo (Moo)x2
Alamein (cheehoo)x2

Mili x5
Patea (1clap)x2
Lua Patea (2 claps)x2
Lua patea malie shotgun cik chik BOOM!
Here comes the BOOM Here comes the house that's gonna take out the Boom.
Here comes the tick tick tick tick
boom Alamein 2 claps )x2
Who are we Alamein
Who's gonna take them down alamein.
Benghazi step back step back
Tobruk get back get back
Tripoli drop back drop back cause alamein is in the winning track

Benghazi we show no fear.
Tobruk fully care.
Tripoli your rein ends here.
Alamein this is our year.


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