Thursday, 20 November 2014


 Today I am doing a comprehension and I am doing SWIMMING.

                                 People like to swim.
                         They swim fast trying to win.
                 But most people who swim do it for fun.
             We can swim in pools,in rivers,or in the sea.
    We swim by moving our arms and kicking our legs in the water.
           We can swim under the water ,but we cannot breathe.
  If we swim under the water in the sea,we can see all kinds of fish.
  When you swim you should be where other people can see you.
                                    The questions.

In the story there are two reasons given why people swim.

What are they?

For fun and for people to have races.

How do people swim in races?

We put our legs straight and our arms to move.

What places does the story tell us people swim in?

,River and the sea.

What do we have to do to swim?
They use their arms for moving and legs for kicking in the water.

Why can't we swim under the water for a long time?
Because we can't breathe.

What does the story tell you about swimming alone?It tells you how to swim and where places you can swim at.

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